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You can find gas credit cards for just about any major – and some minor – gas companies. These gas credit cards are easily found online. One site we perused, for example, told us about several different gas credit card offers. It told us how to find gas credit cards for Marathon, Hess, Phillips 66, Citgo and Conoco. A few of the gas credit cards featured allow you to purchase any brand of gas you wish from any station.
One of the gas credit cards they talked about, a Chase PerfectCard, offers a rebate of six percent for the first 90 days you use it. This rebate is good on any purchase of gas you make at any gas station.
Once the initial ninety days is up you still will realize a one percent rebate on purchases at restaurants, dry cleaners, grocery stores and clothing retailers as well as gas stations.
Not only that, your gas credit card rebates will get credited toward any purchase you make in the future with this card.
After the introductory period, you’ll earn a 3% rebate at ANY gas station on all gas purchases. Not only do you have a quick, easy payoff with this gas credit card but your APR is also fixed at zero percent on any balance you transfer to the card for up to nine months. You can earn a rate under 14 percent depending on your credit, and the first year you will be charged no annual fee.
Once your first year is up, all you will have to do to have your annual fee waived is to make nine purchases total with the gas credit card for the year.
Marathon gas credit cards offer a big ten percent rebate on Marathon Midwest and Southeast gas stations the first sixty days you use your card. After that you’ll realize a five percent rebate continuously.
This gas credit card also gives you a one percent rebate off any other purchases that you can put towards Marathon gas purchases.
This MasterCard gas credit card charges no annual fee your first year and, if you make nine purchases with this gas credit card for the year, you won’t have to pay the $20 annual fee the subsequent year either. For the first nine months you own the card there is no fee and zero percent APR on any balance transfers.
The rate on this gas credit card can be as low as 13.99 percent depending on your credit.
Hess gas credit cards offer you rebates for free gas and merchandise at every Hess, Hess Express and Wilco Hess location. The first ninety days you will earn a ten percent rebate. Subsequently, every Hess purchase with your gas credit card will net you a five percent rebate, while any purchase elsewhere will give you one percent back.
With Hess platinum gas credit cards your introductory APR is zero balance and can last up to six months. With this gas credit card there is no annual fee ever.

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